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We support a small but well-selected group of writers:
Artist / Topliner / Songwriter
Clide is a platinum songwriter with his compositions counting several airplay TOP 10 in Germany and beyond as well as over 250M streams. Clide’s voice and writing effortlessly combine emotional depth, vulnerability, and sheer power. His dynamic vocal range, coupled with an impeccable sense of melody, enables him to convey a wide spectrum of emotions.

From tender ballads to infectious up-tempo compositions, clide’s versatility as a vocalist and writer allows him to create an intimate connection with his audience, drawing them into his world with every note. Co-wrote Tom Gregory - Never Let Me Down (with 200M+ streams and several Top 10 on European radio). His own songs have 80M+ streams across all DSPs. Nominated for New Music Award 2021 in Germany.
Andrew Tyler
Songwriter / Lyricist
Andrew Tyler is a platinum award winning English songwriter and producer based in Berlin and has evolved as one of the most established songwriters in Germany. Having grown up playing in indie bands - he has spent the last decade writing across a wide range of genres with a strong focus on the Dance & Pop world.

His guilty pleasure are big radio hooks but at the same time he’s also able to write credible electronic club tracks and always brings in a little left-field to the Pop game. With a string of international top 10 records to his name, including a recent #1 at dance radio in the US, the London-native also has a strong track record with synch.
Luca Eck
Artist / Producer
Luca Eck is one of the most promising talents rising from a new generation of Berlin-bred artists. Now Glasgow-based, they aim to create a blend between the emotional appeal of popular music and the dark sounds of industrial techno that already brought him behind the decks of Berlin's most renowned clubs, several international venues and live on ARTE Concert.

Their music quickly gained recognition from established artists such as Amelie Lens, Paula Temple, Anetha and Kobosil. Being classically trained since his early childhood, Luca started writing and producing electronic pop music at the age of 11, later transitioning into techno in 2017. Luca's track selections and productions feature a sound that is uncompromisingly hard, yet deeply emotional.

Next to their own artist project Luca enjoys writing for others in Dance & Pop sessions and due to their background as a more experimental Techno artist, always brings in out-of-the-box ideas and fresh perspectives with a unique taste.
Artist / Vocalist
Hanniou’s voice already captivated millions of people online. Her duet with Lewis Capaldi went viral and resulted in a session with the Grammy-winning multi-platinum artist.

Next to her own artist project (700k monthly listeners on Spotify), she has been in sessions with prestigious talents like BENNETT, James TW, Wankelmut, Declan J Donovan and more. Her 180k followers across her channels can’t wait to hear what 2024 has to offer for the young singer songwriter, who currently lives in Hamburg.
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